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Service Scope:

Road and railway transportation

Your shipment we transfer inland of Slovakia as well as we provide import and export from and to every country connected with continent or with ferry.

The transfer we provide from you till end transferee. In addition we offer for you shippment in case that consigner and recipient are outside of Slovakia.

Only step you have to do is to contact us and we will provide everything connected with your shippment per carrier in the country of considor.

Air and sea freight

Specialist of PTS air and Ocean have wide experience by shippment, so your shipment will be delivered on time.

Air freight is the fastest and the most trustworthed way for transfer of goods.It accelerates distribution, reduces costs for storaging and it saves your time and money.

Sea freight is performanced neither by container shippment or accumulating shippment. For us the see transport begins by contacting the supplier and ends by delivery of goods you ask for to the end destination.

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